Great Days



This CD is made in Memory of my nephew Sébastien Dimino, gone too soon.

Marcel Loeffler is an incredibly talented and emotional musician, I was very honored he accepted to participate to my first Album Recording. His son, Cedric is one of the top rhythm guitarists in Manouche Jazz style, I also was so glad he could be with us. The other members of the band are so talented as well, and we are like brothers since many years, at the Music school together in Nancy (France) : CMCN, or since I play music professionally in Japan. Each composition have a meaning and a dedicace: The first one is to my son, obviously he loves fishing ! The second is to my daughter, her race number was at the beginning..373.. The third song is for my great friend and mentor, Patrick Nugier. When I arrived in Japan, we started to perform together and he always helped me, taught me so much..The forth song is to my wife, sun of my life..The number five is dedicated to Marcel Loeffler, and I wanted to show all my respect and admiration to him, and also all the manouche musicians over the world..The number six is to my dearest friend and brother Gautier Laurent. We went at the music school together (conservatoire in Strasbourg), we lived together, and played in the same bands for years..The song number seven is to my niece Karine Dimino, she’s like my daughter as well..Number eight song is to my great friend and wonderful Gypsy jazz player Bruno Gil.The song number nine is also very much emotional to me, dedicated to my father-in-law, like my own. He really believed in me right away after we first met. I miss him so much. The song number ten is to Grand Hyatt Tokyo, and all the fantastic team. I’m so glad and proud to perform always at this great venue in Tokyo. The song number eleven is to my brother Dominique, he loves Marseille as much as it is humanly possible, and I’m so proud of him ! The last but not the least, the album title, is dedicated to my friend Nicolas Guillemet, gone too soon.

I also put a dedicace to my great friends Christian Mariotto and Frédéric Monereau, and their families, they just made my dream to be a professional musician become real..




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